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Comparison Bridgemate Pro and Bridgemate II


Description of function/feature
Bridgemate Pro
 Bridgemate II
Keyboard 25 keys 25 keys + function keys
Screen 2 lines of 16 characters Graphical display,
between 4 and 10 lines of text
Batteries 4 x AAA 2 x AA
Number of sessions on one set batteries Aprox. 350 Aprox. 500
Selection of section/table at start of session
Scan for available sections at start of secction
Entry of contract & result
Entry of lead card
Entry of player numbers at start of session
Show player names at start of round
Entry of hand records
Automatic entry of board number
Verification of board order
Confirmation of score by east/west OK key Dedicated "accept" key
Players can review and edit their scores
Show percentage of board result
Show remaining boards to be played
Overview of previous board results Individual scores,
2 per screen
Individual scores or frequency
list, 4 or 6 per screen
Show seatings for next round
Show current ranking
Access to TD menu TD-key PIN code
Confirmation of "Not played" by TD
Update Bridgemate settings during play
Update movement during play
Software update method Data cable Wireless transfer
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