Bridgemate II firmware v3.0 released

February 13th, 2018

Release of firmware v3.0 for Bridgemate II

The latest firmware for Bridgemate II is now version 3.0.1. IMP (butler) and X-IMP scoring methods are now available in the Bridgemate as well as teams scoring and various features for team games. Teams can now review and compare their board results from both matches at the home table Bridgemate and the final match result in IMP is displayed on the Bridgemate. Find all details of this new version in the Bridgemate Support Center article.

At the same time, version 3.6.8 of Bridgemate Control Software has been released. This update is required for v3.0.1 of the Bridgemate II firmware. More information is available at this article in the Support Center.